The Lonesome Boatman

Publicerad 2017-10-24 08:55:50 i Allmänt,

I saw which nearly broke my heart
A tramp lay dying in the park
I knelt beside him to hear him speak
And the words he spoke, they were oh so weak
He told me a story of long since past,
Of a sailing ship with its long grey mast,
Of his captain's cap with it's shining braid
And the wonderful voyages that he'd made
Silent Annie was his great ship's name
Like a token of love he spoke her name
She sailed 'round the Horn, aye, more that once
She could cut through the waves like a sharpened lance

"Believe me," he said. His eyes filled with tears
Like a drunk on a corner, trying to remember his years
He reached out his hand and I took it in mine
"I believe you," I said, and he gave a sad smile
"I remember the day when they towed her away
Her sides they were sore from the sea's angered spray
They said she's unfit for to sail out once more
And they towed her more inward from her own sandy shore
And as they broke my Silent Annie I watched with a sigh
I remembered her beauty when I was a boy
She was my one love, my life's only dream,
When we sailed out together as captain and queen"

It started to drizzle, and I felt my hand tight
And he squeezed even harder as he ended the fight
And a crowd they had gathered, and they watched with dismay
As some ambulance men came, and they took him away
So I got to my feet and I walked through the park
The sun it was gone, but it was not yet dark
My body was wet, and my clothes were not many,
But my mind was aroused by the ship Silent Annie
Något att lyssna på, läsa om man vill, när världen runt omkring känns alltför trång och liten. Dikt och musik av Finbar Furey.


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